Retirement & Nursing Homes

The family members of retirement or nursing home residents need to know that their loved one will be in safe hands and an effective way to communicate that, is through professional signage that sets your care home or residential facility apart. Trust the experts at FASTSIGNS® to convey your brand message and help you to create a clean, bright and calming environment within your health and wellbeing service. The use of exterior signage such as site identification signs including monument, totem, fascias or post and panel signs, to direct the way to front door, can help residents locate your facility and engender feeling of trust in their loved ones. Cleverly positioned window graphics can promote your service offering, whilst also creating privacy for patrons. Inside, cohesive wayfinding and directional signage can incorporate bright colours, vivid wall graphics, stickers and murals which can help create visual cues for patients that can assist them to orientate themselves within the building, as well as door identification signs and directories to help promote safety and stimulate wellbeing. Signage within a residential retirement or care home can help create a positive, lively atmosphere that helps residents live their life to the fullest. For more information or advice from our signage experts, request a quote today.

Residential Care Home Post and monument sign

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Residential Care Home Post and Panel sign

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